Sony Releases PS Vita Update 1.65, but then removes it

The PlayStation Vita received a system update, but shortly got removed. Trouble with the update was that it prevented PSP titles to use adhoc play. Adhoc is used when multiple PSP systems to communicate with each other within a limited range. So that’s a deal breaker for everyone who enjoys using the feature. Don’t worry though, the update will soon be up again and ready for download.

The new update changes some of the features the PlayStation Vita offers up. One of those changes being the option to change the sleep timer to 10 minutes. It’s a nice option because sometimes 5 minutes is not enough. Other than that the other three changes aren’t major ones. You can check out the list of changes on the PlayStation Blog.

As soon as the update becomes available again I’ll update the post. In the mean time you can check for yourself by going to the settings, and then choose the system update option. Finally you choose one of the three options to update your system.