Zipper Interactive Helps you become a Better Operative in Unit 13

Hopefully you’ve already heard about Unit 13. It’s a third person shooter that is exclusive to the PlayStation Vita. If you haven’t heard about the game then you should go download the demo that’s available. It shows off all the great parts of the game and it should get you excited for it. After you play it and have a sense of the game you’ll notice that it’s a bit difficult. But it’s not difficult because of flimsy controls or a design flaw; it’s difficult because it has good enemy AI plenty of obstacles to stop you.

Thankfully Zipper Interactive will help out by releasing three training videos. They’ll be released from now on to next week. Each will focus on a certain aspect of the game like: “How to Play”, “Game Types”, and “Sharing and Competing”. Below is the “How to Play” video. It gives you plenty of tips on the controls, strategies, unlocking items, and much more. It will be a big help to know a lot of these things. Especially since the game drops next week, on Tuesday, March 6th.

So Have a look! As soon as the other videos are released we will post them up for you.


Source: PlayStation Blog