Mass Effect 3: Reinstated Trailer shows Female Shepard in Action

When Mass Effect 3 launches this march everyone will get a chance to play as the Female version of Shepard. Last year BioWare had a competition to let the fans choose the look for “FemShep”. The trailer below highlights the winning choice and she’s quite awesome. Seeing here in action makes you want to start a new character and choose the female version.

If you check out the trailer you’ll see plenty of single player snippets that highlight just how much action will be in the game. After you check out the trailer get ready to fight the Reapers when Mass Effect 3 launches for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on March 6.


Source: BioWare


How’d you like to shoot Sweet Tooth’s Truck from the Comfort of your room?

That’s right; David Jaffe is giving you a chance at blowing up Sweet Tooth’s Truck. That truck was introduced during the announcement of Twisted Metal at E3 2010 and it looks great. Now since they can’t decide who gets it or where it goes, they’ve decided to let everyone take a few shots at it until it goes BOOM! By everyone they mean everyone. All you have to do is hit up sign up and then you’ll be able to control a couple of M249-SAWs.

Oh yeah, they aren’t messing around and this is both a wonderful thing and a sad thing. Wonderful because you’ll be able to remotely shoot two awesome guns at a truck! Sad because the truck is pure awesome and it’s a shame to see it go!

It all goes down when Twisted Metal launches, which is February 14th. Hey, this could be a great thing to do with your Valentine. You can sit back; eat some chocolates while you two take turns shooting some bullets into the truck, what else could you two ask for. To get a preview of the setup check out the video below featuring David Jaffe breaking down the event.


Source: PlayStation Blog