Chrono Trigger Available on PSN Tuesday, October 4th

One of the most respected and highly praised video games of all time is back! If you’ve been playing video games for a long time then chances are you’ve heard of Chrono Trigger. The game is an amazing RPG offering tons of replay value a brilliant story with multiple endings, not gonna tell you how many there are because you have to find out on your own. So as soon as October 4th comes around be ready to go on PSN and download this amazing game.

The game was originally released back in 1995 and people still talk about it. That’s an incredible feat and anyone who has played it will definitely recommend it. If you do end up playing the game be ready to think like a kid again. It throws some things at you that as a grown up you wouldn’t believe. So give it a try I’m sure you’ll love it. If you’ve already played it countless times then you know what’s up. But maybe you didn’t get all the endings so this is a perfect opportunity to get the missing ones. Below are pictures and descriptions of some of the characters from the game.

Crono: The spiky-haired, stoic protagonist who finds himself wrapped up in events beyond his control. He’s pretty good with a katana and doesn’t run from a fight.

Marle: The requisite princess, but she’s no ordinary princess. How many princesses do you know that wield a crossbow?

Lucca: Chrono’s best friend since they were little kids. Oh, and she’s a supergenius who invents things such as the teleporter that starts your journey through time.

Frog: A knight from the middle ages, Frog is a man who has been cursed and turned into a giant anthropomorphic frog. But being a frog doesn’t prevent him from being a fantastic fighter—and having one of the coolest special attacks in the game.

Robo: A robot from the future (I’ve always wanted to write that) who, after being repaired by Lucca, joins the party. Yes, a robot. With lasers!

Ayla: Hailing from prehistoric times, Ayla is tough. Really tough. She uses her enormous strength and agility to fight unarmed, and dishes out a lot of damage.

Source: PlayStation Blog