New accessories for Xbox 360 Incoming

Today there were some interesting new accessories for the Xbox 360 announced.  First is a Xbox 360 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth that can be used on your Xbox 360 console and on any Bluetooth device like a cellphone, PC, iPod MP3 player, and even your PS3.  This is a great solution to those who own both consoles and always have to have multiple headsets.  The headset will allow you to manually switch between two modes one for the Xbox and the other being for Bluetooth devices.  It has your regular buttons, volume control, and one located on to top to control when you wanna mute your self on Xbox. When you switch to the different mode, it will act as the action button.  This is the new model that will replace the current headset.  To get the full details and see it in action, check out the video below courtesy of Major Nelson.

The second accessory announced was a new remote for your Xbox 360, and no, not a controller to play.  It almost like the previous media remote that was released earlier before.  This one has a new look to it and a few different features.  It will allow you to control both, your console and your TV which means you don’t need to have too many controllers on your table.  It will come with an updated look that has many of the necessary buttons to control many different features of your Xbox.  From controlling movies, to streaming media on your console, to lowering the volume on your TV; this remote will cover you.

Both of these accessories will be available for you to buy in November of this year.  The headset will retail for $59.99 and the remote will go for $19.99.  Both are a reasonable price for the functions they offer. Check out the gallery below showing them off.

Source: Major Nelson Blog